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The mission of CUSA Enterprises, LLC is to be a reliable resource that helps individuals secure adequate living environments through a variety of housing options that add value to the corporate brand. 

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Aaron and Linda Davis are the founders of CUSA Enterprises, LLC.  This seasoned duo is well-versed in the industry and committed to developing a business model that is flexible enough to meet the emerging needs of the marketplace and durable enough to deliver annual profits.  Their synergies,  experience with building success oriented teams and vision for success, will be the driving forces that propel CUSA Enterprises, LLC to a lasting position of true market leadership. 

Specializing in the following areas:


Annual  Leases   

Home Purchase Opportunities

Lease to Own Options

Community Development

Distress Property Relief

Real Estate Investment Opportunities




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CUSA Enterprises, LLC will offer a wide variety of housing and purchase options that meet the demands of the current market.  What follows is a listing of the services that will be housed underneath the CUSA umbrella. 


  • Lease to purchase:  With so many consumers struggling to regain a position of financial stability, the lease to purchase option will be a most attractive concept.


  • Multi-family dwellings that offer housing communities for families or individual consumers